Immigration Horror Stories: How Tech Could’ve Helped

When talent requires sponsorship, or it’s up to HR to secure a business visa for a special project, there’s a choice: the old-fashioned way, drowning in paperwork and being the perpetual middleman. Or, HR can rely on a smarter process with people and technology to manage their experience instead. This paper highlights three real horror stories from HR managers dealing with immigration, and how a tech powered solution could have helped.

Technology is solving the problems that keep HR immigration specialists, talent managers and mobility leaders up at night. New processes, procedures and efficiencies signal a sea change for organizations that rely on global talent to fill hard-to-source roles and prioritize global mobility to deploy talent where it’s needed.

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Here are some of the ways tech can transform global workforce management:

  • Improved overall strategy with greater efficiency
  • Improved human and candidate experience for current and potential employees
  • Reduced human errors
  • The ability to get HR professionals focused on employees, instead of paperwork
  • The ability to have a big-picture, strategic perspective
  • Appearing tech-savvy to employees who value that
  • Increased number of positive referrals

Using technology to enable a better process means that gifted employees are able to come to the United States, bring their families, pursue rewarding careers and sleep soundly knowing that their immigration was handled properly — and will have the opportunity to live their own American dream. Download this paper today to learn how your company can leverage technology to manage your employee immigration process.