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24 x 7 Talent Management: Best Practices for “Always On” Cultures

Join Meghan M. Biro for a close look at the best solutions in talent management for “24×7” organizations, such as healthcare providers, manufacturers, and anyone else who operates within a ‘round the clock environment. These are practices that address the pain points, empower managers and can catalyze employee engagement.

Today’s work is more complex and demanding than ever. Many organizations function within rapid-fire, competitive markets, they depend on people with a vast range of skills and qualifications, and many cover disparate regional, state and multinational locations. Regardless of the industry you’re in or the individuals you serve, a contemporary approach to talent management empower managers to do what they do best: collaborate with others.

In this interactive and faced-paced webinar, you’ll learn the 7 best practices in talent management that transform your workforce and your culture.

During this informative one-hour session, we’ll cover:

  • Why a central talent management solution best meets every need for healthcare organizations and manufacturing audiences.
  • How to best manage talent in a round-the-clock, always-on, high-stress workplace.
  • How Cloud-based solutions enable a more personal work culture.
  • How to best unlock efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in your workforce.
  • Why managers need both better visibility and their hands and minds free.
  • How to harness analytics to overcome blind spots in your talent management.
  • How to choose a system that can scale and adapt to the changing needs of your organization.

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