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7 Steps to Become a Best In Class Employer

Best in class companies are ahead of the curve in terms of talent management. They have transformed the concept of HR and human capital to one that focuses on people. Empowered by the digital transformation and reflecting today’s massive cultural and economic shifts, they have found the tools to put their people first. With the ongoing skills crisis, companies need to not only manage but engage their people, so they can do their best work and be more productive. This also improves retention and helps the company brand to be attractive to great talent. We’ll cover the 7 best practices and how any company can follow them — and join the shift to a people-centered organization.

In this interactive session you will learn:

  • What best-in-class companies get right and why it includes putting people first.
  • The profound shifts in HR — including the role of Chief People Officer — that is transforming the role of talent management.
  • How HR tech is leaving the need for spreadsheets and manual information management behind.
  • How to design a platform of 360º integrated solutions to support a company’s people needs.
  • The rise of people science and how its insights can enable companies to make better decision-making regarding HR.

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