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Congratulations to WorkTango!

4x Winner

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TalentCulture HR Tech Awards 2024
WorkTango is an award-winning Employee Experience platform that enables leaders and organizations to improve employee engagement, increase retention, and boost performance with Employee Surveys and Recognition & Rewards software.
WorkTango’s award-winning Employee Experience platform offers two distinct, but complementary solutions. 

Surveys & Insights makes it easy for organizations to measure engagement and ensure every employee feels heard through unlimited surveys across the entire employee lifecycle. Leaders gain insight into employee sentiment through robust dashboards and insights, and are empowered to drive meaningful change with recommended action plans. 

Recognition & Rewards enables organizations to scale and automate manual recognition & rewards practices, track and control costs, and create a continuous culture of appreciation through company-wide recognition. 

WorkTango is built for the workplace we all want to be a part of – where teams accomplish great things, achievements are celebrated, and employees have a voice. Learn more at

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Case Study

Today’s employees want more from their employers than ever before — and VMLY&R knows this firsthand. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the global full service marketing agency has been rapidly growing over the past few years, causing their employee experience across their 100 plus offices to become increasingly siloed. VMLY&R knew they needed to focus on their employee experience and employee growth opportunities to continue to scale.


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