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#WorkTrends is a podcast and Twitter chat hosted weekly by Meghan M. Biro. Every week, Meghan interviews a guest who’s thinking creatively about the future of work. Join us to discuss the very latest trends on technology, digital media, management, work culture, recruitment, innovation and much more.

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Recent Episodes

#WorkTrends: What to Expect at HR Tech 2018

This year’s HR Technology Conference will be Sept. 11-14 in Las Vegas. How has the industry changed in the past few years, and what can you expect at this year’s conference? Steve Boese is co-chairman of the conference, the world's largest gathering of the HR...

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#WorkTrends: How Seeing People as People Changes Everything

When you think about your co-workers, what do you see? Do you picture mere objects who only exist to help you accomplish your goals, or do you see them as human beings? This week on #WorkTrends, we’re talking to author Kimberly White. Her new book, “The Shift: How...

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#WorkTrends: The Future of Work: On-Demand Talent

The future of work is going to look radically different as it will be fueled by on-demand talent. And perhaps no one will be more affected by this disruption than HR. But what will those changes look like and is HR prepared for this shift? This week on WorkTrends,...

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#WorkTrends: Build an A Team

Companies want to hire experts who can jump right in on day one and add value to the organization. But that recruiting strategy may be flawed. Could hiring and training inexperienced workers be a better approach? This week on #WorkTrends, we’re talking to Whitney...

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#WorkTrends: The Biggest Challenges Recruiters Face

If you think recruiting has gotten more difficult, you’re not alone. What factors have made it more challenging? Is HR tech helping or hurting? This week on #WorkTrends, we’re talking to Jack Coapman. He's worked in the HR tech space for many years and is currently...

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#WorkTrends: Onboarding Is the New Black

It’s your first day at a new job. You’re excited and nervous, but ready to do great work. You show up at your new office and find… chaos. Or worse, no one’s there to greet you. You’re confused and unsure, and then you spend your first day waiting around and filling...

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#WorkTrends: The Power of People Data

“People analytics” is a term that gets a lot of people (myself included!) very excited. But the idea of people analytics isn’t exactly new anymore. So the question now is, how are we using people data to uncover important insights and then actually act on them? This...

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