#HRTechConf: My Top 5 Highlights

Last week was HR Technology® in Las Vegas. And what an event! Over four days, 4,000 attendees came together with 300 exhibiting companies to learn, network and witness 60 new product announcements! For me, HR Tech’s biggest pull is in providing a buzzing...

Is Your Job Preview for Candidates Fact or Fiction?

Let’s just admit it. As recruiters and TA professionals, we may oversell a job role or embroider our corporate employment experience once in a while in order to get that perfect candidate in the door. Sometimes it works and we make a great hire. And, sometimes that...

Culture of Celebration: Fulfilling Employee’s Needs

When living the routine, doing everyday’s work, it is easy to get frustrated when you see that your long term goals are still far out of your reach. You may try for weeks and months to get the sales numbers up or finish a research project that is vital to this years...

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