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TalentCulture HR Tech Awards 2024

2024 HR Tech Award Winners

Meet the TalentCulture 2024 HR Technology Leaders

HR Tech Awards 2023
3x Award Winner
3x Award Winner
3x Award Winner
2x Award Winner
4x Award Winner
NAS Recruitment Innovation
4x Award Winner
3x Award Winner
2x Award Winner
3x Award Winner
2x Award Winner
Workforce Software
3x Award Winner
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Why participate in the HR Tech Awards?

All TalentCulture HR Tech Winners receive an array of assets and enjoy a year of large-scale promotion to the TalentCulture Community and our global audience.

We pick winners who offer technologies that meet our readers’ and community members’ pressing needs. If selected, your product will be showcased as best-in-breed and backed by the reputation of TalentCulture.

What’s new for 2023?

Our 2023 winners will have the added benefit of placing a product video on their winner’s card to give our website visitors a chance to preview the winning brand’s product. This is exclusive to our 2023 winners.

Why do we do this?

The experts at TalentCulture are asked daily about which HR technologies are the best. We take a careful analyst’s look at the technologies and companies we see and the brands in our community that benefit our audience. We do the homework, checking in person and online for a holistic look at each brand and technology. Our selection process is multi-pronged to ensure we discover the best technologies available.

We put our brains and influence to work for the HR community, researching and demoing top technologies and solutions from the perspective of practitioners.

Interested? Here’s what it takes to qualify:

Conduct a product demo

Demonstrate positive end-user and employee rankings on review sites (when applicable)

Have an industry reputation for delivering great customer service

Find out more about the HR Tech Awards to see if your product qualifies

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