Insider Secrets to Making Great Hires
Our guest on #WorkTrends this week is Chad Fife is the VP of Marketing for Talview. He’s an entrepreneur and global marketing leader in Ed tech, HR software, and SaaS, with experience building $10M-260M businesses and bringing innovative products and programs to market with early adopters.  Chad’s got a unique perspective: he’s a hiring insider who’s fluent in tech as well as marketing — but he’s never lost his passion for finding standout talent. We discussed
New Workplace
What does your workplace look like in 2020? The workplace starting off this new decade is a whole different animal than the workplace was in 2010. The entire definition of the workplace and the nature of work has changed.  So have the expectations of employees. Here’s what you and your team need to know about what 2020 means for your office:  The Death of the Office… Kind Of It’s official: the office is dead. The
Building a Future-Proof Employee Experience
Next Gen employees. Greater flexibility. Increased global collaborations. Quicksilver turnarounds. Remote teams. Expectations of transparency around process and purpose. An engaging, consistent experience that provides employees with the means to achieve more and stay with you longer. A clear purpose and the means to pursue it. These are just some of the focal points in the world of work right now, and as you read this you’re likely considering a few more factors for the
4 Ways to Develop Employees Who Don't Want to Be Managers
Not everyone wants to become a manager, nor is everyone cut out to be one. When a CareerBuilder survey found that only a third of American workers aspire to management roles, it debunked a standing assumption about our desire for advancement. Further, only 7% were aiming for C-suite leadership roles. Even when an employee is promoted based on individual success, that doesn’t necessarily translate into that worker being a great manager.  There’s a lot to
Solving a 7 Trillion Dollar Problem
Our guest on #WorkTrends today is Calvin Hsu, the VP of Product Marketing at Citrix. A self-described right-brain technologist, he’s passionate about aligning people, technology and business to deliver an amazing employee experience. The key is a digital work environment that’s streamlined, engaging and — behind the scenes — secure.  Listen to the full conversation or read the recap below. And don’t forget to subscribe, so you never miss an episode.  [04:15] We don’t need
Harnessing Technology to Lead, Innovate, and Win
For all our best intentions and aspirations to better harness tech, we’re not always following through. A recent report by Ceridian found that while companies are adopting tech to take actions that will ensure long-term success, half of those surveyed say they struggle with “rapid tech development.” In some cases, the questions simple simply what to use and how to use it. And a successful model and a roadmap can certainly help.  Our guest on

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