HR at the Kids' Table

Posted by  on  April 16, 2010

Ask any HR professional what concerns them the most, and “Becoming a  relevant and important part of the corporate team” will be in the top five. “What can I do to make myself more credible to my leaders?” is the question typically asked. Like most things, the right answers are simple yet complicated. Direct yet nuanced. “Understand how your role fits into the goals of  the company.”  Check.  “Help recruit fantastic talent for your  organization.”  Yep.  Learn
Culture has always fascinated me. In the TalentCulture community we like to think of it in two ways (thanks to first, as the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent; and second, as the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. Clearly culture has many complex dimensions (why it interests me so much), particularly organizational culture, as Chris Jones,

Give Your Facebook Brand a Facelift

Posted by Chris Perry on  April 12, 2010

With so much great advice out there about how to build one’s personal brand through blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks, it’s important not to forget how all of it applies to one’s Facebook activity. Here are some top personal branding tips on how to enhance your Facebook presence: Plug your personal brand. Before you do anything else, physically plug your personal brand and supporting pitch or statement right into your Facebook profile.  You can
Today’s post is by our guest blogger, and friend, Jeff Wilfong.  Jeff has assisted with web 2.0 and business strategy for a number of large-scale organizations like Conoco-Phillips, the City of Sacramento and a multinational conglomerate based in India.  Jeff is currently earning his PhD in Organization Development with emphasis in Web 2.0 management. Learn more by visiting his site, E2.0 Pros. I have been pondering lately about how we can measure, quantify, or understand
Written by Kirsten Taggart Watch out, world!  Ecotourism is a rising trend in travel as tourists are eager to preserve beautiful sites all over the globe.  Environmentally conscious individuals are doing their part in maintaining nature by participating in eco-friendly tourism programs in various countries.  However, there’s more that can be done!  Use the following tips to make your vacation as green as it can be. Booking your trip Many hotels are going green! When
After some careful research on job growth, happiness, opportunity, and nightlife, I’ve pinned down the top 10 cities for fresh college graduates to live, work and play. Check out my video and the list, below… #10 Houston, TX Ranked #3 in the country for job growth Opportunities for graduates with science and technical degrees Lively nightlife #9 Boston, MA Lots of public transportation means no need for a car Up-and-coming job market Long, cold winters

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