Articles by Alexander Maasik

Culture of Celebration: Fulfilling Employee’s Needs

When living the routine, doing everyday’s work, it is easy to get frustrated when you see that your long term goals are still far out of your reach. You may try for weeks and months to get the sales numbers up or finish a research project that is vital to this years plans, yet, the […]

Effective Project Management: Working From 5 to 9

When I was younger and entering the workforce I quickly understood that I do my best work at 5 AM. I have the best ideas, I am the most focused and I’m able to perform miracles. While doing some experiments on myself to test my abilities, I found out that working 4 hours, from 5 […]

Let Your Millennials Manage

There is a widespread opinion among HR and leadership professionals, that millennials are the most terrible group of workers who have ever entered the workforce. They are a constant pain for HR and leadership and a unlimited source of content for journalists and content marketers. The Worst Generation Ever They crave attention, need feedback and […]

Overcoming The Fear Of Employee Engagement

Engaging your workforce may be a scary thing. Especially if you haven’t done it much. As with any relationship, it’s scary to find out that your employees don’t think exactly like you, even if you know that all people have different ideas, plans and ambitions. But these different ideas and plans are what will give […]

Planning For Tomorrow: Generation Z

While a lot of companies are still struggling with millennials, smart HR managers are already looking at Generation Z, oldest of whom are turning 18 and slowly entering the workforce. Why is it worthwhile to start planning for tomorrow now? Shifting Demographics Gen Z will be, by all estimates, even trickier to hire and retain […]