Articles by Bill Banham

#HRTechConf: My Top 5 Highlights

Last week was HR Technology® in Las Vegas. And what an event! Over four days, 4,000 attendees came together with 300 exhibiting companies to learn, network and witness 60 new product announcements! For me, HR Tech’s biggest pull is in providing a buzzing atmosphere and the relationships which can come from it. The Conference and […]

How To Make Social Software The Lifeblood Of Employee Engagement

At a company where I was involved in an internal communications audit, some internal social media (ISM) features had been bolted onto existing communication channels. Employees didn’t exactly flock to these bolt-ons, which let them rate and leave comments on articles published to the intranet. Most articles attracted little if any engagement. Those that did […]

How Working Abroad Can Help Your Career

Working abroad is being recognised as a valuable asset to employees in increasingly competitive job markets. The White House recently held a summit with travel bloggers and digital outlets to discuss initiatives that would encourage American students to consider spending time studying or working abroad. Working abroad isn’t just for students though, many graduates and […]

What Do High Performance Teams Look Like?

Does your organization know what high performance teams look like? Most organizations can point to teams who work together harmoniously and get their work done. And those characteristics are true of high performance teams, but they only scratch the surface, according to team expert Dr. Solange Charas. In an interview with Forbes, she pointed to […]

#TChat Recap: How Social Networking And The Job Search Pay Off

This week we were joined by Robin Schooling, accomplished HR Leader, strategist and advisor; and Cyndy Trivella, Marketing Manager for SmartSearch applicant tracking systems and Events & Accounts Manager at TalentCulture. We discussed ways that social networking and the job search can pay off as well as pitfalls when you don’t mis-manage your social brand. […]

Theories Of Motivation For Workplace Productivity

What motivates you? The allure of a big pay off? The drive to better yourself? Praise, attention, and awards from co-workers or employers? If you’ve ever taken an introductory psychology class (or have a pet animal), then you know about Pavlov’s dog. The idea behind salivating to the sound of a bell is the crux […]

Employee Recognition On A Budget

In the hustle and bustle of the professional world, it can often be very easy to gloss over the positives and instead fixate on less than ideal situations, but the reality is that every job well done deserves some acknowledgement. Recognition is critical to shaping a successful workplace with happy employees who feel appreciated for their work and […]

The Hopes And Dreams Of New Employees

High Hopes – Is Your Organization Delivering? Every new employee has high hopes and dreams for their new job, otherwise they wouldn’t have accepted your organization’s employment offer. As an employer, your organization is offering certain things that employees’ value like good compensation, a stable work environment, an employee-centric culture, and future career growth and […]

What You Need To Know About Social Hiring

Thinking about applying for a new job? Make sure that you keep your social media profiles updated and crisp, because recruiters these days are queuing up on websites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to get the best of the lot. If on the contrary you’re hiring, then make sure that you go through a chunk […]

How To Convert More Candidates Using Psychology

In today’s hyper-competitive recruitment market, the secret to convincing great talent to apply is often as simple as understanding exactly what they want (and expect) from your company. Unfortunately, we’re too busy to get to know all candidates personally. So, what do we do? Well how about a secret weapon? Try to convert candidates using psychology. Developing […]

Recruiting Analytics: Reducing Your Hiring Timeline

As a recruiter, it can be difficult to manage a large number of candidates and the data that comes along with it to make your department more efficient and in tune with the candidates you attract. The deeper you dig into the data the more your actual recruitment practices fall by the wayside. So, in […]

Is There An “Encore” In Your Career’s Future?

I live in New York City in Midtown Manhattan, within easy walking distance of world-class performing arts venues Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Encores are highly prized and sought after in my neighborhood. When it comes to your career, or the recruiting you and your firm are doing, is there an encore in your future? […]

Personal Brand Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Social media lets everyone become their own publicist. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have removed all the barriers to self promotion – now we’re free to tell everyone how great we are 24/7. We’ve all slipped into a constant sales mode, selling our abilities, our product, our services. Think about how many self-acclaimed ‘social media experts’ […]