Articles by Heather Huhman

Can Your Office Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

You’re sitting at your desk, enjoying a morning cup of joe. As you peruse your inbox, one subject line catches your eye: New Company-wide Policy On Zombies. Upon opening the email, you read: Dear Staff, Given the fact that over half of the accounting department has been infected by a highly contagious zombie virus, HR […]

Personality Types And Career Success

Every office is made up of different personalities with different strengths and weaknesses. For HR professionals, understanding these personalities is a key component of building successful teams, providing opportunities for advancement, and making other important personnel decisions. But what role does personality actually play in a person’s professional development? Are some personalities more likely to be […]

The Benefits Employees Want Most

A competitive salary, fun work environment, and exciting perks all play a large role in keeping employees happy and engaged, but it’s not enough to hold on to your best and brightest. In today’s competition for top talent, you have to offer employees the total package — that includes top-of-the-line benefits. But what is it […]

What You Need To Impact Training the Right Way

Opportunities for growth can really make or break employee retention ratings. It’s the reason why 76 percent of employees choose to stay with an organization. So, organizations throw overwhelming amounts of money at formal training programs — $164 billion in 2012, according to ATD. Unfortunately, research suggests they’re seeing very little ROI. Formal initiatives do […]

Why Job Seekers Keep Calling … And Calling [Infographic]

Here’s the problem: You know you’ve got job openings to fill, and while there are plenty of candidates willing to step in, they aren’t qualified. Didn’t you explicitly say in the job description, “B2B sales experience required?” What part of that does a job seeker not understand? We need to clear up this miscommunication…and fast. […]

Why You're Always the Interviewee and Never Hired

I just finished interviewing potential hires for two open positions at my company, and I was reminded why I founded Come Recommended in the first place. Back in 2009 when Come Recommended launched, it was a professional networking site for internship and entry-level job candidates and employers. But in order to gain access to the community, […]