Articles by Hessie Jones

Leadership: Adapting to Today’s Harsh Realities

The world in which we live is going through fundamental shifts – simultaneous changes that are literally turning everything, as we know it, on its head. Leaders of today and tomorrow are challenged with addressing these aspects to drive the business forward. From the influence of technology, to a struggling world economy veiled in high […]

Can Technology Enable a More Effective and Human Business Culture?

If it isn’t obvious by now, the inherent changes in the marketplace has created a domino effect in business. Business performance is not what it once was. No industry is immune to the disruption that is happening across verticals and business functions. Deanie Elsner, President of Kraft Snacks Business Unit said this: Today there is […]

Four Things HR Can Learn From Marketing

With the consistent growth of concepts like “Employer Brand” and “Recruitment Marketing,” HR departments everywhere are adding another role to their already burgeoning workload: marketing. And while some elements of marketing were already there for some HR and recruiting pros, the level of expertise required has grown exponentially. So if you are finding yourself marketing […]

The Jobs of the Future are YET to be Written

I’ve been told I’m a fatalist. Perhaps I am. For all the research I’ve done on the Future of Work and among the amazing peers I’ve collaborated with in this category, it is so clear to me that the past definitely does NOT dictate the future. As the image implies, there was a time when […]

Developing The Right Company Culture

I work in a start-up business. I’ve been blessed with a great team who lives and breathes the company culture everyday – people who continue to exude the passion to try new things and develop new ways of streamlining and becoming smart in how we grow and attract the right customers. We are a small […]

Putting Customers First Fosters Employee Collaboration

I have worked in silos… too many times.  When I worked in the Credit Card Industry, my department (Online Channels) supported all credit card products: House Cards, Premium Cards, Co-branded Cards. We drove individual and cross-sell campaigns many times at the request of the individual product manager. This process was wrought with message duplication ie […]