Articles by Kayla Matthews

8 Ways HR Teams Can Use Tech to Encourage Productivity

Human resource professionals play a crucial role in a business’s success. From designing effective training programs and ensuring a fair hiring process to strategic roles, quality HR is a key aspect of a smooth-running business. One of the most important roles of an HR professional in 2017 is implementation of new technology within an existing […]

HR Is About to Get an Analytics Makeover

Many company departments rely on analytics for decisions they make and strategies they implement. Through using analytics and data, these departments can get a better idea of what their customers and clients need or are looking for. While analytics may be used primarily in logistics or marketing, HR is beginning to dip its toes into […]

8 Ways to Create a Lean Workflow in 2017

Sometimes when we focus so much of our energy on workplace efficiency, we end up making the problem worse. I once worked at a marketing company that changed its workflow structure so often, half the job was remembering which processes we were currently following. It made work scattered and impacted the confidence of everyone in […]

How to Use Tech to Reinforce Your Best Company Values

Technology offers great ways to connect and perform tasks more efficiently. Companies can also embrace technology as a way of increasing productivity among the staff and ensuring the workplace is a harmonious environment. Isn’t that the goal of every business? Here’s how working with tech can reinforce a company’s best values. Expanding Access to Data […]

How the Future of Work Could Shift Company Cultures

Your company’s culture might be changing at this very moment. The future of work is shifting as more and more millennials enter the workforce. They have goals and motivations that are different from today’s current workers. Also, the increased advancement of technology continues to have a substantial impact on the evolution of workplaces. All of […]

Does the Gig Economy Have an HR Department?

The gig economy, also called the “on-demand economy,” represents a growing sector of the job market where millions of people work as freelancers and independent contractors, hiring themselves and their skills out for income as clients need them. Many workers love this lifestyle due to the freedom it offers, but one of the notable challenges […]

The 6 Dated HR Technologies Your Company Needs to Replace

Just like professionals from other industries, human resource professionals are dependent on technology. However, the pace of advancement means some technologies become outdated very quickly. It might just be time to replace these six HR technologies with something a little more modern. Licensed Human Resources Management Systems According to a survey from Cedar-Crestone, more than […]