Articles by Lilian Mahoukou

Integrating Digital Presence and Adopting a More Holistic Approach

We’re slowly heading to the end of this year 2016, and the digital landscape keeps on evolving. From social networks to chat apps, via livestreaming, there’s quite a large choice for sharing your voice. You’re probably already convinced by the benefits of being digitally engaged, from reputation building to crowd learning for supporting your professional […]

What’s Your Personal (Social) Manifesto?

Let’s follow up on my social talent post and go a bit further. Is it ideal to broadcast tons of content and to be talkative on social media? Content is often put at the center and taken as king. However, there’s a starting point: “Leading First.” Designing a personal (and distinctive) manifesto is a thinking […]

Are We Ready For Social Talent?

With the rise of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other top-listed social networks, some candidates and recruiters have been commonly asking themselves the following questions: How do we leverage these new channels? Do they represent a threat or a real opportunity? I headed to #rmsconf (leading social recruiting conference in France) a couple of days […]