Articles by Patrick Antrim

Cutting Back for Business Growth

We know that in all of our endeavors, we are at the center of all relationships. Regardless of how we interact with the world – as an entrepreneur, parent, or corporate executive, we have the personal power to influence our outcomes. If we want more out of business, we need to get focused on becoming […]

Company Culture And Finding Top Talent

Company culture is fundamental in attracting great employees. Most people lose steam when creating company culture as the results take time. CEO’s can be romantic about what has worked in the past as they become distracted on what seems to be urgent business issues. It takes time to develop a great company culture and even […]

Stability Is A Myth, Invest And Grow Your Business

How many times have you hired someone because they seemed like the right person? They do well in some situations but they slip in situations they should otherwise succeed in. Now the Manager has to put things back together. We spend time recruiting, training, and re-training people over and over. Does this happen often? Do […]

Building Legendary Teams With Leadership

Leadership. A single word that carries many different beliefs. It’s intimidating for some and a journey for others. Another word that comes to mind is success. Next time you have a meeting, ask each person what success means to them. See how many different answers you receive.  It’s no wonder companies zig zag on issues. […]