Articles by Rachel Miller

Professional Development: Never Stop Learning to Learn

It has been said that you should never stop learning, and that’s good advice. If there was ever a case for applying the lesson to the lesson then this is it: professional development. Because, not only should you never stop learning, but you should never stop learning new approaches to the way that you learn. […]

Lasting Career Tips for Engineers

If you’re an engineer, you’re automatically in a prime negotiating position when it comes to commanding a good salary–it’s a simple matter of supply and demand. But while a big check in the near term might seem like the best idea, it may not be the best move for your overall career. The career tips […]

10 Ways to Be a Better Leader Without Spending Anything

Thanks to all the resources available from the explosion of online learning opportunities, it’s far easier to enhance your own skills today than ever before. This means that you no longer have any excuses to put off your own development learning plan. I can already hear some of you saying you don’t have the finances […]

Managers Are Not Interested In Interpersonal Skills

According to a research run by Impraise, managers are more focused on getting feedback on productivity skills rather than interpersonal skills such as listening. The ability to ask for feedback in real-time revealed some interesting facts about the skills that managers care most about. Managers that work with this new type of performance management, real-time 360 […]