Articles by Roy Osing

10 Things Smart Business People Do

Smart business people: Understand that the way to serve customers in an exemplary way is to serve employees in the same manner. If dazzling service doesn’t happen on the inside […]

Stand-out Leaders Create Greatness

Have you ever wondered how stand-out leaders create, not just successful futures for their organizations, but breakthrough and amazing futures? Here’s how. Stand-out leaders don’t participate in the bottoms-up leadership […]

5 Essentials of Strategic Renewal

Every organizational strategy needs regular updating regardless of how successful you’ve been. It’s simply not good enough to develop your strategy and put it on the shelf, expecting that it […]

Why Benchmarking Sucks

Benchmarking has its roots in the Total Quality Management philosophy. It’s a technique aimed at taking advantage of what other organizations have learned and successfully implemented and improve their own performance. […]

Stand-Out Leaders Putter At These 7 Things

Old school leadership is about control and pushing people to achieve results; setting and communicating objectives; delegating tasks; measuring results. Nothing wrong with old school, it’s just that different priorities […]

How To Avoid The New-Idea Trap

More technology. More suppliers. More products and services. More social media tools. More business tools. New opportunities to improve our bottom-line performance are constantly “raining down” on us these days, […]

Be Different Or Be Dead

BE DiFFERENT or be dead: the stand-out leaders’ mantra NEVER has it been more important to carve out a distinctive and unique place for your organization in the market than […]