Articles by Ryan Jenkins

This NFL Team is Adapting Its Leadership to Engage Millennials

Generational gaps are not nearly as evident in any other industry as they are in professional sports; particularly, in across the National Football League. This is an industry in which, every year, the dynamics of each team changes as eager millennials join the ranks. These teams already have established ways doing things, and now those […]

3 Methods To Strengthen Your Next Generation Of Leaders

The value of one’s life can be measured by how much of that life is given away. Nearing the end of life, we celebrate one’s selfless acts. Title, status, and accolades do not matter. Selfless actions expand our lives outside of just us. If leadership is all about you, at the end of your life […]

Take Your Leadership To “Like” Button Speed

On the inside of every leader lies a sleeping superhero-like quality to lead those of Generation Y. What is this quality, you may be wondering? It’s the ability to save time while continuing to exceed productivity across an entire team. Now, this quality; the dynamic super power, is not out of reach. It’s available to […]

17 Essential Elements Of A Successful Millennial Recruiting Video

Cisco predicts that by 2018, 84% of the Internet’s traffic will be video. There is little doubt that we will be consuming and communicating more and more via video in the very near future. Your recruiting efforts should reflect this growing trend. Finding the right talent today is an ongoing process, especially since 91% of Millennials expect to […]

Creating Company Culture Irresistible To Millennials

How do you create an atmosphere that keeps top performers at your organization? How do you keep your competitors from plucking your best talent? How do you minimize top performers leaving for opportunities elsewhere? Gone is the “you should be grateful to work here” paradigm. It has been replaced by Millennials with, “Why should I […]