Articles by Samantha Stauf

Business Talent Management During Disasters

Snow storms have made their first sweep across the United States. Winter is here. And as we waited for the chill and the snow, many regions of the United States were rampaged by floods, hurricanes, and forest fires. Natural disasters are surprise attacks that managers and business owners must pro-actively prepare to endure. Natural disasters […]

Managers: Warding Off Unsafe Workplace Culture

My friend, a McDonald’s employee at the time, once shared a story about an experience with a funny (but unsafe) workplace culture. His manager told him that if he licked the freezing cold ice cream machine with his tongue, he’d give him a free McFlurry. My friend took that bet. The result was a modern […]

Preventing and Stopping Employee Fraud

Most entry level national chains kick off the hiring process with a fifty to one hundred word questionnaire. The questionnaire is often the first attempt to eliminate bad employees. Personally, I’ve always found these types of questionnaires fairly useless. It’s fairly easy to determine what the hiring manager wants to hear. The right answer is […]

Healthcare Franchises and Maintaining Employees

Over the last few decades, the franchise business model has flourished. People are more familiar with fast food franchises (McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s), but franchises have cropped up across all industries from car care (Meineke and Les Schwab) to healthcare (Right at Home and Brightstar). The “franchisation” of healthcare is unique because it allows […]

A Path of a Leader: The Importance of Committees to Leadership

Leaders have the social sway to directly and indirectly affect the policies, procedures, and laws of businesses, industries, and regions. The pursuit of leadership opportunities allows individuals to attempt to make real positive social change. Social change that can not only positively affects your place of employment, but also your local and national community. You […]

Company Culture : The Magic Ingredient You’ve Been Missing

Company culture. Dozens of business articles highlight the importance of culture, how to diagnose the current company culture, and how to guide culture. Business owners and managers are encouraged to choose characteristics that will lead to a profitable company and encourage all employees to arrive at work with those principles in mind (see Creating A […]

Prepping For Telecommuting

Telecommuting is an enviable luxury that many companies are beginning to offer their employees. Rather than drive in a sleep muddled haze to the office, stumble to the coffee machine, and then begin the day under the glory of too bright florescent lights, you can begin to sleep in, roll out of bed, and begin […]

Different Options To Pursue Education As a Professional

Learning is never over for professionals in all fields. The healthcare field requires constant classes to keep up with the rapid medical advances. Changes in federal, state, or company policy, could demand that current professionals receive further certification. Sudden moves across state lines, could require you to meet state standards not required in your original […]

Preventing and Dealing With Carpal Tunnel in the Office

Maintaining top talent is a struggle that every company must face. So what do many companies do? Some create a kick-ass culture to be envied. Others give out amazing benefits that individuals are unwilling to give up. Still others provide the ability to determine when, where, and how they work. While identifying how to retain […]

Workplace Safety: How To Survive Working at Jurassic World

Most businesses have one aspect or another that could lead to employees being injured, maimed or killed. Nurse attendants must move heavy loads, zoo attendants brave cages filled with lions, medical laboratory assistants handle dangerous chemicals, and construction zones are filled with potential hazards. Despite the hazardous conditions, many business and employees fail to take […]

Telecommuting? Danger, Will Robinson!

Technology has rapidly developed In the last twenty years.In the early days of the computer, people spent their work days battling dinosaur hardware while bitterly wishing the technology would catch up with the scientific wonders seen in the 1965 television series, Lost in Space. By the time I eagerly watched Friends star, Matt LeBlanc, star […]