Articles by Tom Pick

Will a Robot Take Your Marketing Job

Are you panicked yet that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon put you out of work? Could a robot take your marketing job? Some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley are warning of massive job displacement across the economy in the next decade. But there remain good reasons not to be terribly alarmed. At least, […]

Customer Experience Starts with Your Employees

Providing a great customer experience creates sustainable competitive advantage and higher profits. Here’s why that starts with designing a great employee experience — and how to do that. There’s a solid argument to be made that “customer experience” isn’t just another business buzzword. As products, stores, and services increasingly begin to look alike, customer experience will increasingly […]

Eleven Skills to Robot-Proof Your Career

Will a robot take your job within the next decade? The answer is absolutely, unequivocally … it depends. Mechanization and automation have, of course, been eliminating or drastically reducing employment in various professions for more than two centuries now. During the industrial revolution, artisans were replaced by factory workers (many of whom have more recently […]