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Job Satisfaction – What's Up With That?

The press has been lamenting recent dismal numbers on job satisfaction. Early this month, the Conference Board – which regularly pumps out interesting data on employment, the economy and business trends – issued a report that indicates job satisfaction is at its lowest level in two decades. This fact seems stunning in an economy where one in 10 of us is searching for a job – after all, if you have a job, shouldn’t you be satisfied, by definition? Or should you?

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5 Gadget Trends in 2010

Written by Kirsten Taggart Number 5: Eco-friendly home energy systems Sanyo and Panasonic are developing systems that use fuel cells to heat water and batteries

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Tweet This Intervention

Not many would disagree with the fact that effective communication increases employee engagement and retention.  However, with social media, participation and business value are often

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Welcome to TalentCulture

Welcome to TalentCulture, one voice of our eclectic community. My team of contributors will launch conversations about the issues of career, culture (workplace, digital lifestyle,

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Taken Out of Context

For a long time, a large corporation provided the context for my career.  Even amid dramatic change and outright chaos, relationships between me and just

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Birth of a Brand

When I started the career search process during the second year of my MBA program, I encountered a serious challenge.  Having multiple talents, strengths and

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StartUp Cultures

I start companies.  About every seven years or so, I get another one started.  Truth: I have not had a ‘win’ the scale of a

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