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5 Ways Technology is Changing the Face of HR

With potentially groundbreaking HR technology solutions emerging, we’re seeing a tech boom that is fundamentally reshaping the way we work — and how we think about HR.

According to the 2019 HCM Trends report from The HR Federation, a … Read more

2019 Will Be an Amazing — and Bewildering — Year for HR Tech Buyers

2019 Will Be an Amazing — and Bewildering — Year for HR Tech Buyers

The year ahead is going to be amazing for those of you who purchase HR and recruiting tech.

We’re witnessing an unprecedented proliferation of talent platforms, solutions and services — now complete with artificial intelligence and super-smart algorithms — which … Read more

Which Comes First, the Culture or the Practices? The Chicken-and-Egg Problem in HR Tech

Which Comes First, the Culture or the Practices? The Chicken-and-Egg Problem in HR Tech

In the innovation and HR tech field, one of the common concerns we hear from people is that their culture might not be ready for new practices, processes or tools.

They say their employees simply wouldn’t be ready for the … Read more

HR tech stack

How to Build a Better HR Tech Stack

With the HR tech marketplace expanding at record pace and offering innovative solutions for every part of the talent life cycle, it’s easier than ever for organizations to implement meaningful HR transformations.

“With the availability of so many cutting-edge tools … Read more

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How Technology Helps HR Spend Less Time on Paper and More Time on People

There are very few career paths as multifaceted as human resources. HR professionals need insight into human behavior, legal acumen and a proficiency for numbers and data. They need to be strategists, consultants and people developers. They need to be Read more

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How Payments and Collaboration Are Evolving in the Gig Economy

As the gig economy continues to expand and transform the workforce in significant ways, HR professionals and other business leaders should be thinking about the implications these changes will have for their organizations and their people.

Millions of people are … Read more

#WorkTrends: How AI Will Change HR

We have big news this week in the #WorkTrends community. We’re re-launching the podcast, and we’re welcoming back an old friend, Kevin W. Grossman, as my #WorkTrends co-host. We’re also changing up our format. Each episode of #WorkTrends will … Read more

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#WorkTrends: How to Untangle Benefits Headaches

If you want to attract and keep a top-notch talent pool, employee benefits are more important than ever. But for company leaders and HR teams, benefits are also a huge headache.

This week on #WorkTrends, we’re talking to Rachel LyubovitzkyRead more

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#WorkTrends: What to Expect at HR Tech 2018

This year’s HR Technology Conference will be Sept. 11-14 in Las Vegas. How has the industry changed in the past few years, and what can you expect at this year’s conference?

Steve BoeseSteve Boese is co-chairman of the conference, the world’s … Read more

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Dos and Don’ts for Buying HR Software

The HR technology space is a crowded one and with that, the options seem endless and sometimes overwhelming.

I want to disrupt the way many people go about selecting business software, and more specifically applicant tracking systems. I want to … Read more

What We Can Learn About HR From New Paychex Research

#WorkTrends: What We Can Learn About HR From New Paychex Research

It’s no secret that the role of HR and HR technology is changing rapidly. If you want your organization to remain agile and competitive, it’s more important than ever to stay plugged in to the latest trends.

This week on … Read more

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Innovation and Technology: The Irreplaceable Human Factor

Innovation is more than just a buzzword today — it’s everything. If organizations aren’t considered innovative, they’re deemed also-rans.

The problem with this mindset? Innovation is often equated with the newest forms of technology, as if innovation can’t happen without … Read more


What I Learned About Culture from the ExponentHR Team

There’s nothing I love more than nerding out over HR tech and culture. I love seeing demos, hearing about new features and dreaming about where work is going.

But as much as I love technology and the HR tech industry, … Read more

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To Spark Real Employee Engagement, Choose Your HR Tech Wisely

On June 28, Paycom and I are collaborating on a webinar about engagement that everyone needs to attend. Why? Because we’re at a standstill in terms of employee engagement, and we’re going to be looking at the most effective ways … Read more

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3 HR Tech Trends to Watch

If you work in HR, you know that the HR tech marketplace is absolutely exploding. Your inbox is probably overflowing with marketing emails from vendors that want to help you improve every part of the talent lifecycle, from sourcing to … Read more

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Virtual Reality Adds New Dimension to Employee Recruiting

Virtual reality has generated a lot of headlines in recent years. For HR departments, the most talked-about use case for VR is employee training, where the technology can decrease costs while improving performance. But early adopters of the technology are … Read more

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#WorkTrends: The Future of HR Tech

Technology is disrupting everything, and HR is no exception. The tools and platforms available for today’s HR teams are light-years ahead of what we worked with 10 years ago. What does this new tech mean for recruitment, talent management and … Read more

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Live from UNLEASH America: Rachel Botsman on Why Trust Matters

This week, I’ve been in Las Vegas at UNLEASH America, soaking up big ideas about the latest HR tech trends and how technology is changing the way we work.

One of the speakers who knocked my socks off was … Read more

learning management systems

What You Need to Know Before You Buy an LMS

Today, learning management system (LMS) software is the new normal. Students growing up today use an LMS to check their grades and access assignments; when they grow up, they’ll use an LMS to complete employee training at their first job. … Read more

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#WorkTrends: Women Who Tech

This week on #WorkTrends we’re talking to Allyson Kapin, the founder of Women Who Tech. She shares how she’s bringing people together to celebrate the people and technologies addressing big problems in the world, and paving the way for … Read more

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4 HR Tech Trends That Are Changing HR for Retailers

From cloud-based data management to employee apps, the way retailers use technology to do business is shifting, and that shift starts with employees. When executed thoughtfully, better HR tech leads to better work culture, increased retention rates and improved efficiency … Read more

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Want to Improve HR? Ask Better Questions First

Boston got hit with its third snowstorm in two weeks recently, and more than a few work initiatives overseen by nearby colleagues got lost in the blizzard — including a high-level meeting on workforce planning. Today was supposed to be … Read more


Talent Management Systems That Deliver Real Productivity: 3 Things You Should Demand When Evaluating HR Tech

Technology is intended to make employees feel more connected and productive in their organizations. So why do so many employees feel distanced from their teams and distracted from the goals of the organization?

Is the technology that is supposed to … Read more

The-Practicality-of-Owning-an-ATS-Part-3 (1)

The Practicality of Owning an ATS: Part 3

Upkeep and successful tactics for maintaining an ATS

(Part three of a three-part series)

How to own an ATS

In part one of this three-part series on the practicalities of purchasing an ATS, I discussed how best to navigate through … Read more

Coexisting with Robots — The Future Workplace Reality

Coexisting with Robots — The Future Workplace Reality

In a Silicon Valley startup, Fetch Robotics, about 50 employees and 125 robots work cohesively. According to CEO Melonee Wise, the human employees see the robots as pets, even calling them “pups.” There isn’t any fear of a robotic … Read more