#WorkTrends Recap: Simple Ways to Measure Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is something that HR pros and their colleagues in the C-suite are laser-focused on, and measuring engagement is often at the top of the list. Why the interest? When employees are engaged, they likely adopt the vision, values, and purpose of the organization where they work—and it shows. Engaged employees are passionate contributors, innovative problem solvers, and the very best colleagues. Equally as important, high-performing, engaged employees want to work in places that foster and cultivate engagement as an integral part of the corporate culture. Smart HR pros and senior leaders want to cultivate that kind of environment.

On today’s #WorkTrends show, our guest Leila Zayed from Best Companies Group addressed the importance of employee engagement and shared some practical ways to measure this valuable component of overall culture. As always, it was a discussion filled with information sure to be beneficial for everyone – from employees to HR pros to managers and the C-Suite.

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photo credit: Made to measure via photopin (license)