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Tag: communities

The Sound of a Talent Community: #TChat Preview

I never get tired of talking about social communities and their impact on brands and the recruiting process for the right talent. But what does it mean to “manage” communities – and what is the role of a “community manager” in today’s social business environment?

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Risk, Reward & The Social Workplace: #TChat Recap

Businesses are calculating the risks and rewards of social media involvement as never before. But these days, when deciding how social media fits into the workplace, leaders would be wise to watch and listen for signals from employees. The noise is deafening…

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Channeling Crowd-Sourced Mindshare: #TChat Recap

Social learning is everywhere around us – in short, bursty ideas that simultaneously draw us in and distract us from whatever we were intending to accomplish. It also brings us together across the digital divide. It’s time to embrace quality peer-to-peer exchange and shared insights…

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A Talent Community for Angels

The promise of Talent Communities to provide a more efficient employment process can be huge, with recruiting time spent, talent quality, hiring costs and “time to hire” metrics drastically altered from what we have all come to expect over the last 40 years. By maintaining a specific Community goal, a company has a real opportunity to attract workers like George Bailey who aren’t looking for a new job, but are focused on taking on greater challenges instead. The elusive “other 80%” of the workforce, that have been difficult to attract with employment advertising and referrals, can be cultivated with a Talent Community. This can be a major break through that if fully embraced can change the employment landscape forever.

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