What It Takes to Be a Global HR Leader

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The Future of Performance Management

How could you get better at your job? What does your manager think about your performance this month? And what are your ideas about how your organization could do things differently?

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4 HR Tech Trends That Are Changing HR for Retailers

From cloud-based data management to employee apps, the way retailers use technology to do business is shifting, and that shift starts with employees. When executed thoughtfully, better HR tech leads to better work culture, increased retention rates and improved efficiency … Read more

#WorkTrends Recap: Unleashing the Power of Your People

What’s going on in HR tech around the world? What are global leaders doing to unleash the full potential of their people?

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Recruiting By Chatbot: 4 Ways HR Tech Can Take Us Higher

The Tipping Point

We’ve become accustomed to data-driven, rapid scaling up: climbing likes, unfurling comments, increasing dollars. It’s much the same as the way a cell phone feels like part of our hands. This is the tipping point from hyper-aware … Read more

Choosing New HR tech? Here’s 9 Tips to Get You Started

Are you reading this blog bored at work? Perhaps you don’t feel like your company truly engages you at work. Or, (here’s the big one) can you truly say you love your job?

There’s a reason we ask. 16% of … Read more

How to Choose the Best HR Tech for Your Business

Human resource management, by definition, is a people-focused business. But the right human resource management (HRM) software can pick up where people leave off, helping your department streamline operations by automating certain tasks. Whether you work for a large firm … Read more

3-2-1, Switch: How to Roll Out New HR Tech Without Disruption

Choosing the best HR technology is vital to your company’s efficiency and effectiveness. Just as important as the HR tech itself is how well you roll out the technology within your organization. Your adoption of new HR technology should be … Read more

Closing the Gap: How to Leverage Tech to Engage a Remote Workforce

Today’s managers and HR directors face the challenge of creating a sense of camaraderie amongst employees who may never meet in person. 43 percent of the workforce is working remotely at least some of the time, according to the latest Read more

How Collaboration Tech is Changing Everything about the Business of HR

It’s no secret technology has changed the HR industry. HR tech trends for 2017, in fact, include people data collection turning more to predictive analytics, and the line between marketing and HR blurring when it comes to prioritizing the employee … Read more

Seven Powerful Ways to Use Tech to Overcome Recruiting Bias

Sometimes bias creeps into hiring processes without anyone even realizing it. When you favor a white male candidate over a non-white or female candidate, is it really because he or she is the best person for the job—or is there … Read more

Employee Onboarding is Broken: HR Tech is the Fix

There are a couple of truths about why employee onboarding in the enterprise is broken and why HR Tech is the only solution

  1. There are multiple Systems of Records that a new hire has to deal with — Recruitment software,
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8 Ways HR Teams Can Use Tech to Encourage Productivity

Human resource professionals play a crucial role in a business’s success. From designing effective training programs and ensuring a fair hiring process to strategic roles, quality HR is a key aspect of a smooth-running business.

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Why You Can’t Afford to Skimp on Employee Engagement

We’ve all heard the case for employee engagement—higher engagement levels lead to greater employee output, increased productivity and favorable business outcomes. So why do so many leaders treat engagement like just another task on their to-do list?

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#WorkTrends Recap: Recruiting Trends and 2017 Predictions

The world of recruiting and talent acquisition has evolved over the past few decades… and changes are predicted to continue well into the near future.

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#WorkTrends Recap: Live From #HRTechConf: State of the State

This week’s #WorkTrends show was live from the HR Tech Conference in Chicago. Host, Meghan M Biro was joined by Dwane Lay, Vice President of Customer Experience of Dovetail Software, to continue the discussion on the state of … Read more

Recruit Smarter Not Harder

It’s happened to us all: That person—that star—the one who absolutely nailed their interview ends up being a dud. New hires end up in duds-ville for many reasons, including poor culture fit, temperament issues, “coach-ability” problems, and less than stellar … Read more

#WorkTrends Preview: Live From HR Tech: State of State

Last week we started the conversation about the state of HR Tech. This week, we are taking the show on the road. In this special #WorkTrends, Host Meghan M. Biro and Guest Dwane Lay will be live from Chicago as … Read more

#WorkTrends Recap: Five Things To Know About HR Tech in 2016

Technology is pushing HR forward, with new programs, software and hardware emerging every day to make our jobs easier. In fact, HR tech is an integral part of how we do business now.

On this week’s #WorkTrends we were joined … Read more

#WorkTrends Preview: Five Things To Know About HR Tech in 2016

Technology is pushing HR forward. New programs, software and hardware emerge every day to make our jobs easier. HR tech is an integral part of how we do business now.

During this special show, we will be joined by Steve … Read more

5 Ways To Rock Star HR Leadership

One of the dirty little secrets of HR – Human Resources as a professional practice – is that it’s not always about the people and humanizing brands. Not really, anyway. Some HR professionals have more in common with the Governance, … Read more

4 Reasons Social Media Is A Critical Recruiting Tool

There’s always that tipping point when the future turns into the present; novelty becomes the new normal. In tech recruiting, that’s the case with social media. If you’re not building social media into your recruiting efforts at this point, … Read more

5 Questions That Will Help You Find the Right Workforce Intelligence Solution

Finding the right workforce intelligence solution is like… well, remember what purchasing your first home felt like? There were so many things to consider that it was difficult to determine which factors were important and which were not. You probably … Read more

Revamping The Status Quo In 2015: 4 Trends In HR Technology

What have we seen as the hot trends in HR technology this year? It’s a rhetorical question: put another way: what aren’t the trends? HR technology in itself, having profoundly changed the game, is the hot trend: it’s heated up … Read more

Video Is Taking Over Hiring

The hiring process is a fluid entity, or at least it should be. It flows with the ebb and tide of recruitment. The current changes are rapidly evolving with advancements in technology. Technology simplifies the hiring process. Not to say … Read more