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#WorkTrends: The Bigot in Your Mental Boardroom

WorkTrends has been focusing on diversity and inclusion not as buzzwords, but as actions. Meghan invited Elena Joy Thurston to the podcast to share her story. Elena is the founder and speaker of the PRIDE and Joy Foundation and has Read more

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#WorkTrends: Leading Organizations to Resilience and Diversity

No question: businesses and employees are going through a lot. The pivot to remote. Changing laws and regulations (sometimes overnight). Safety — and not just physical, but emotional as well. How should we best deal with the pressures of working Read more

#WorkTrends Recap: Growing Employee Brand Advocates

In today’s workplace, it’s important for people to stand out, and whether they are blogging, using social media or other venues, writing is a key way to share your own voice.

Employees are building personal brands that just may be … Read more

#WorkTrends Preview: Growing Employee Brand Advocates

In today’s workplace, employees are building personal brands that just may be attracting other employers – and that’s okay. Our guest, Roger Panetta, and his organization, Nimble at Work, builds careers, workplaces and businesses using performance and positioning.… Read more

10 Ways to Be a Better Leader Without Spending Anything

Thanks to all the resources available from the explosion of online learning opportunities, it’s far easier to enhance your own skills today than ever before. This means that you no longer have any excuses to put off your own development … Read more

Career Personality Perspective: What’s Your Angle?

I’ve probably taken close to a dozen personality tests over the years. In just a few minutes, you get a trendy acronym or entertaining epithet to hang your hat on.

While I have found value in these assessments, I also … Read more