What You Need To Know About Social Hiring

Thinking about applying for a new job? Make sure that you keep your social media profiles updated and crisp, because recruiters these days are queuing up on websites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to get the best of the … Read more

#TChat Recap: How Disruptive Technologies Will Empower The Future Of HR

This week we were joined by Alexandra Levit, Future of Work speaker, author of “They Don’t Teach Corporate in College” and long time friend of #TChat. Alexandra talked with us about how disruptive technologies will empower the future of Read more

#TChat Recap: How True Relationship Building Rises Above Social

This week we were joined by Rob Garcia, Silicon Valley product executive, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at ConnectUp. Rob talked with us about why true relationship building rises above and beyond social media. We explored ideas around … Read more

Take Your Leadership To “Like” Button Speed

On the inside of every leader lies a sleeping superhero-like quality to lead those of Generation Y.

What is this quality, you may be wondering?

It’s the ability to save time while continuing to exceed productivity across an entire … Read more

Better Communication: Sharing Yourself

There’s a repression that still runs deep in the way we communicate, even in our relatively open and liberated age. We fear that what we think doesn’t matter; that we are less right or less valuable in our opinions than … Read more

What Is Return on Relationship?

All of those social metrics like Facebook fans, retweets, site visits, video views, positive ratings and vibrant communities are just not measurable financial assets! They aren’t reflected on the balance sheet and can’t be counted on an income statement—but that … Read more

The Rise of Influence in Social Business #TChat Preview

(Editor’s Note: Are you looking for full highlights and resource links from this week’s events? Read the #TChat Recap: “Can You Hear Me Now? Influence Goes Social.”)

Think for a moment about the brands that have the … Read more