Deidre Paknad is currently the CEO of Workboard, Inc.  She has decades of experience leading large enterprise and emerging startup teams on strategic pursuits and is passionate about helping other leaders engage their teams in great achievement. As CEO of Workboard, Deidre works closely with clients on goal development and raising execution velocity. As a serial entrepreneur, she founded and led several companies. Her last company was acquired by IBM, where she led a high-growth global business for several years and worked with CIOs on transformation initiatives. She writes regularly on strategy, leadership, goal alignment, execution excellence and mentoring. Deidre has been recognized by the Smithsonian Institution for innovation twice and has 17 patents. Workboard is the app leaders use to align goals, execution, and feedback in real time.  Workboard is free for teams. Follow Deidre on Twitter @day_dree or @WorkboardInc

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