ROI of L&D

Learning ROI – It’s Time to Shift the Narrative

Learning and development (L&D) is driving big investments for businesses, with estimates of $96.3 billion spent in 2017 alone. With steep costs associated with L&D, it stands to reason that business leaders would want to see their ROI, but this … Read more

employee learning program

How Coursera Encourages Its Millennial Employees to Keep Learning

Training and development are crucial to an organization’s growth and success. Employees need professional development to grow and be promoted to roles requiring more responsibility. Millennials are looking for more learning opportunities at work. This may be one reason that … Read more


How 3 Innovative Companies Are Rethinking Learning at Work

According to a 2017 survey, 71 percent of employees have had to undergo training to either keep or advance forward in a position. Nearly half say they have not been able to advance due to a lack of training.… Read more