The Foundation For Mentoring Success

Communication And ​Relationship Building Are Critical

Two key elements are required in order for a mentoring relationship to be successful. In reality, these very same elements are the key to successful relationships in our personal lives. The two key … Read more

Dump Corporate Jargon For More Impact

Long before texting brought us LOL, BTW, CU, and TTYL, organizations used acronyms as communication short cuts. Unlike the text substitutes for benign greetings, laughs and sign offs, corporate acronyms tend to substitute for the fundamentals: Names of products, initiatives … Read more

What Do High Performance Teams Look Like?

Does your organization know what high performance teams look like? Most organizations can point to teams who work together harmoniously and get their work done. And those characteristics are true of high performance teams, but they only scratch the … Read more

Developing The Right Company Culture

I work in a start-up business. I’ve been blessed with a great team who lives and breathes the company culture everyday – people who continue to exude the passion to try new things and develop new ways of streamlining and … Read more

Overcoming The Fear Of Employee Engagement

Engaging your workforce may be a scary thing. Especially if you haven’t done it much.

As with any relationship, it’s scary to find out that your employees don’t think exactly like you, even if you know that all people have … Read more

5 Reasons Your Employees Leave (And 1 Big Reason They Stay)

There’s a lot of disagreement about why employees leave their jobs. Is it because they don’t have the chance to grow? A lack of work/life balance? Not being paid enough?

Many of the statistics cited in this article will … Read more

#TChat Recap: Why Internal Customer Service Is So Important

Service must be a total commitment. Service is not just for the front line, but for every employee of any business – from the individual contributor to the CEO, explained Shep Hyken in this week’s #TChat .

Shepard Presentations’s Chief … Read more

#TChat Recap: How To Turn Horrible Bosses Into Happier Relationships

A bad boss can undermine our ability to work happy and hard. Poor communication skills, micromanaging, lack of direction, bullying — any of these characteristics can make a boss difficult to work with leading to stress, anxiety, frustration, absenteeism and … Read more

The Bravery Of Being Fearlessly Authentic

“We play the game
With the bravery of being out of range
We zap and maim
With the bravery of being out of range…”

—Roger Waters (musician and writer)

Small craters pocked the desk around her laptop dock. Tiny tendrils … Read more

Authenticity: A Buzzword Revisited

Written by: Joe Gerstandt, Co-Founder of Talent Anarchy

Unfortunately for all of us, authenticity has recently taken on buzzword status and today the word is thrown around casually and frequently as if it were a simple, safe and common thing. … Read more

From Micro-Shifts To Macro Sands

You_Are_Here“You are here,” the mat reads.

You look down, mouth agape, and you think, “So where the hell is here?”

You’re standing atop a great sand dune among a mountainous range of dunes. Nothing but blue sky above, you’d think … Read more

On Finding the Leader’s Way

“You got up, and you did something. And if trying to find a way when you don’t even know you can get there isn’t a small miracle; then I don’t know what is.”

—From The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold FryRead more