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Tag: Leadership

The Grinch & The World of Work: #TChat Preview

The holidays are upon us again! So here at TalentCulture, we’re tapping into social business leaders at Mashable and HuffingtonPost/AOL to discuss the important relationship between corporate culture, community engagement and responsible leadership – in a global sense, as well as around your local watercooler…

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Smart Mission—Hire Vets: #TChat Recap

As a flood of recent veterans return from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, they bring specialized skills, professionalism and commitment to the workforce. So why are employers slow to hire those who’ve served in the military? What should recruiters and business leaders do to dispel myths and leverage this strong talent pool?

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Care & Feeding of Social Communities: #TChat Recap

Quid pro quo. It’s a concept as old as civilization. And it’s a dynamic that lives at the core of every successful community — large or small, business or otherwise. This was the premise for a week of #TChat devoted to understanding what makes talent communities work…

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Risk, Reward & The Social Workplace: #TChat Recap

Businesses are calculating the risks and rewards of social media involvement as never before. But these days, when deciding how social media fits into the workplace, leaders would be wise to watch and listen for signals from employees. The noise is deafening…

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A Lifetime of Social Learning Culture: #TChat Preview

Long before the digital age arrived, with its unrelenting firehose of disruptive technologies, the terms “social”, “learning” and “business” made sense within the same sentence. Today’s workplace just exposes the relationship more than ever. But how can organizations make the most of new-school learning possibilities?

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HR Leadership Can Make All the Difference: #TChat Recap

Business is messy – and it’s only getting messier. So perhaps that’s where HR can truly make a difference today – to know the business, staff the business, teach the business and grow the business – all predicated on managing the messy yet mingled bad with the good. We can lead the way in helping business learn from its mistakes…

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Becoming (Social) HR Leaders: #TChat Preview

Human Resources…what does it mean to most people in today’s workplace? HR is usually seen less a curators of workplace culture and more as the police brought in to direct traffic or quell a riot. So how do we change it up? What can we do to add value?

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