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Tag: trends

The Post Apocalyptic Workplace: #TChat Recap

What will the world of work look like in the future? The TalentCulture community suggests that collaboration will be essential, as we move forward. That’s worth celebrating as we welcome 2013 in this era of networked communication that crosses organizational and geographical boundaries…

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Channeling Crowd-Sourced Mindshare: #TChat Recap

Social learning is everywhere around us – in short, bursty ideas that simultaneously draw us in and distract us from whatever we were intending to accomplish. It also brings us together across the digital divide. It’s time to embrace quality peer-to-peer exchange and shared insights…

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HR Leadership Can Make All the Difference: #TChat Recap

Business is messy – and it’s only getting messier. So perhaps that’s where HR can truly make a difference today – to know the business, staff the business, teach the business and grow the business – all predicated on managing the messy yet mingled bad with the good. We can lead the way in helping business learn from its mistakes…

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