#TChat Recap: How to Manage Through Influence

During today’s final #TChat show and before we transition to #WorkTrends next week, we discussed how to manage through influence. #TChat Show co-founders and co-hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman were joined by Jim Fields, Vice … Read more

#TChat Recap: How Tech Pros Can Help Assess and Hire Tech Pros

Last week we talked about why the best recruitment means smarter workforce marketing, and this week we talked about how tech pros can help assess and hire tech pros.

In the world of recruiting, experts are a little more … Read more

#TChat Recap: How To Create The Ultimate Hiring Experience

This week the TalentCulture community talked with writer and filmmaker Heath Padgett about how to create the ultimate hiring experience. Heath has a very interesting story and it made for a great jumpstart to 2016.

While still figuring out what … Read more

#TChat Recap: Live From #SHRM15: The Brilliant HR Profession Of Today And Tomorrow

This week the TalentCulture #TChat Show was live from the 2015 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas – where we discussed the brilliant HR profession of today and tomorrow.

The special show included three awesome guests: Steve BrowneRead more

#TChat Recap: How Employee Engagement Empowers The Employer Brand

This week Stacy Zapar, Founder of Tenfold, and recruiting strategist, trainer & advisor joined us to discuss how employee engagement empowers the employer brand. I always love her energy and passion for this topic.

Spending ridiculous amounts of money … Read more

#TChat Recap: The Art Of Candidate Engagement


This week we were joined by Johnny Campbell, Founder and CEO at Social Talent; Sara Fleischmann, Purple Squirrel Hunter at Hewlett-Packard; and Stacy Zapar, Founder of Tenfold, and recruiting strategist, trainer & advisor. We talked about … Read more

#TChat Recap: Business Strategies That Help CHROs Sleep At Night


This week we were joined by Mark Stelzner, Founder of IA HR, a consulting firm that helps HR leaders transform their organizations with confidence. This week we talked about business strategies that help CHRO’s sleep at night.

HR … Read more

#TChat Recap: How Improving The Candidate Experience Empowers A Better Workforce

This week we were joined by Elaine Orler, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Talent Board and the CandEs; and Gerry Crispin, Co-Founder of the Talent Board and the CandEs. We discussed how improving the candidate experience can improve … Read more

#TChat Recap: How True Relationship Building Rises Above Social

This week we were joined by Rob Garcia, Silicon Valley product executive, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at ConnectUp. Rob talked with us about why true relationship building rises above and beyond social media. We explored ideas around … Read more

#TChat Recap: How To Turn Horrible Bosses Into Happier Relationships

A bad boss can undermine our ability to work happy and hard. Poor communication skills, micromanaging, lack of direction, bullying — any of these characteristics can make a boss difficult to work with leading to stress, anxiety, frustration, absenteeism and … Read more

#TChat Recap: How To Look People In The Eye Digitally

Building and sustaining authentic relationships IRL are not always easy, and it could be even more challenging to do it online. It has never been easier to connect with people by a simple click on the “add” button, but how … Read more

#TChat Recap: Adopting Social Software For Workforce Collaboration

There is no question about it – social software enables workforce collaboration and communication. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees, and the potential for revenue amounts to $1.3 trillion per year.

So … Read more

#TChat Recap: The Predictive Power Of HR Analytics

We could easily be intimidated by data. Yet, we crave answers on how to make the best hires, reduce cost, drive strategy… the list goes on and on.

Many organizations now turn to predictive analytics: the ability to take … Read more

#TChat Recap: Realities Of HR-Vendor Relationships

A new reality is upon us.

According to new KeyInterval Research, HR departments are looking more like a purchasing departments and becoming quite skilled at managing vendor relationships.

But only a small fraction of those vendor-practitioner relationships produce high … Read more

#TChat Recap: Build A Remarkable Workplace

“Not every Aussie is Crocodile Dundee.”  – Mandy Johnson

And not every workplace is remarkable.

This week’s global #TChat guest Mandy Johnson, best-selling business author, active speaker, advisor and executive educator, shared her top 6 steps that have led … Read more

#TChat Recap: Finding Your Business Vision

Finding Your Business Vision

Have we lost trust?

People don’t trust the idea of vision these days. What some organizations call vision is no more than a cleverly disguised marketing message.

Having a vision is extraordinary, but it will require … Read more

#TChat Recap: How Body Language Powers Your Brand

How Body Language Powers Your Brand 

I think etiquette is old school. There, I said it.

With so many ways to communicate, is the idea of etiquette too confining in the Social Age?

Etiquette may be old school, but good … Read more

#TChat Recap: Mending Employee And Employer Relations

Mending Employee And Employer Relations

It’s been an exciting 4 years since we begun this amazing social learning adventure. We’re proud to continue to build our #TChat community into a great source for trending HR and thought leadership topics. This … Read more

#TChat Recap: The HR Technology Mic Drop

The HR Technology Mic Drop

It’s a little known fact that by 2015, the HR technology industry will most likely be worth $10 billion. As the World of Work shifts towards driving better business outcomes through efficiency and transparency, we … Read more

#TChat Recap: The ROI Of Workplace Transparency

The ROI Of Workplace Transparency

There’s never a dull moment when you’re involved in the World of Work. Especially, when we’re talking about being transparent. But what is transparency? Or at least, what does it mean to work for an … Read more

#TChat Recap: Surviving A Bad Workplace Culture

Surviving A Bad Workplace Culture

Tonight, the World of Work was reminded on #TChat that employee disengagement is an organizational issue that is cultivated when bad leadership is there to nurture it, and a bad workplace culture only survives when … Read more

#TChat Recap: The Talent Science Of Cultural Change

The Talent Science Of Cultural Change

Every week our #TChat Community takes an in-depth social look at what’s going on in the World of Work. This week was particularly interesting because we discussed how data and analytics are shaping organizational … Read more

#TChat Recap: Passive Recruiting With Conversation-Based Content

Passive Recruiting With Conversation-Based Content

The world of recruiting has embraced many new shapes and forms over the years. Now, it’s dedicated by whatever the industry throws at it, which is not entirely a bad thing. Recruiting is more creative … Read more

#TChat Recap: The Hot HR Technology Trends Of 2014

The Hot HR Technology Trends Of 2014

With all this talk about employee engagement, it’s easy to forget how some of the tech-savvy organizations are combating recruitment issues, disengaged talent, and workplace productivity with analytics and HR technology. Through the … Read more

#TChat Recap: The Extraordinary Potential Of Values Based Leadership

The Extraordinary Potential Of Values Based Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader? It is about being the one who gives the orders? Is it about building relationships with people through values? This week’s #TChat topic: The Extraordinary Read more