Articles by Kathleen Kruse

Connecting Career Dots: #TChat Recap

How can you stay ahead of the curve in today’s job environment? After a week of TalentCulture community discussion, I’m reminded that the key is not how fast or how elegantly your career moves forward – it’s how many others you bring along for the ride.

The Post Apocalyptic Workplace: #TChat Recap

What will the world of work look like in the future? The TalentCulture community suggests that collaboration will be essential, as we move forward. That’s worth celebrating as we welcome 2013 in this era of networked communication that crosses organizational and geographical boundaries…

Smart Mission—Hire Vets: #TChat Recap

As a flood of recent veterans return from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, they bring specialized skills, professionalism and commitment to the workforce. So why are employers slow to hire those who’ve served in the military? What should recruiters and business leaders do to dispel myths and leverage this strong talent pool?