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Tag: Career Management

Is It Time to Hire Yourself? #TChat Recap

The employment picture is bleak. But that doesn’t mean that business opportunities are dead. Historically, startups have created more jobs than established companies, in good times and bad. So perhaps more of us should embrace entrepreneurship?

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Lose Job? Keep Career! #TChat Preview

The official word, that there’s economic uncertainty, is so 2012. We’re all cheerful and happy the economy produced 155,000 jobs last month (not completely, but we’re trying for some enthusiasm here). So have we turned the corner? Let’s talk about it this week at #TChat forums …

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Informational Interview

8 Secrets to Getting Informational Interviews

Informational interviews sound boring, ineffective and hard to get. But that doesn’t need to be true. In fact, they can increase your chances of finding and being considered for jobs, especially the “hidden” ones. Here are tips to make it work for you…

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