10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Google+

Editor’s Note: Google+ Is in the news today due to its most vocal internal champion leaving Google. Many tech pundits are wondering what will happen to the social network, with most postulating it will shift to more of a platform for Android devices and less of a social network. It is an interesting time to be using the service and TalentCulture will continue to watch its evolution closely. Read more here and join our Google+ Community.

1. Be Discovered. Google is the most used search engine in the world. In 2013 Google search averaged 5,922,000,000 searches per day. Google helps people find what they’re looking for.

2. Be Seen. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world averaging three billion searches every month. Google owns YouTube. G+ Hangouts On Air stream on G+ and YouTube at the same time.

3. Be Friendly. G+ has 540 million active users and 1.15 billion users. (Don’t think that the active users to actual accounts ratio is way off. Twitter has 883 million accounts with 232 million active users. ) You can use G+ to post, plus one, instant message and video chat.

4. Be Found. Google Maps is the most popular smart phone app in the world A verified G+ local business page insures that you show up on Google Maps, along with photos, reviews and ratings. Showcase your business with a virtual interior and exterior tour and connect your customers to your G+ page and your website.

5. Be Widgeted. Gmail is the most widely-used email provider. Ever. If you enable the G+ Gmail Widget, your clients/customers can follow you on G+ and engage with your brand/business there as well.

6. Be Strategic. G+ Local Business Pages can connect their Adwords Express account to their G+ page. Your business will be marked with a blue pin on Google Maps and your ad can connect to your G+ business page or your website. Adwords Express is truly designed for local brick and mortars such as restaurants, service providers, hotels and retail outlets.

7. Be Authoritative. Activating Google Authorship confirms that you are the originator of your post content. Authorship grabs your G+ profile photo, includes a portion of your post, and displays how many people have you in their G+ circles.

8. Be Plussed. Add a Google plus one button to your business website. As those plus ones add up so does your visibility. Remember, Google favors Google. Having your business website plus-oned can facilitate your spot on the coveted Google Local Carousel.

9. Be Charismatic. Use the Hangouts On Air to provide content for your YouTube channel, all your social media channels, and your website. You get a shareable link. You can display your logo, list your website and answer questions from those watching the event live. You can even edit and repurpose the video. Plus, you can advertise your HOA within G+ as an event and events are now searchable.

10. Be Patient. You aren’t going to know every nuance of G+ overnight. If you think you can post on The Plus in the same manner you post on all your other social media, you can’t. G+ requires finesse. It is a game changer.

photo credit: manfrys via photopin cc