Branding To Influence Today’s Ultra-Informed Talent

Today’s job seekers are more informed than ever, fully researching companies and reading employee reviews  before they even apply to a job. At the same time, competition for qualified candidates with the needed skill sets and expertise is on the rise. Given this challenging environment, employers must figure out how they can ensure their messaging stands out and attracts – and retains – right-fit talent.

To better attract, engage and hire today’s ultra-informed talent, companies must better promote and sell their culture and their open jobs without bombarding them with inconsistent and irrelevant information. Companies must project a strong employer brand, defined as the process of promoting a company as the employer of choice to a desired target group, one that a company needs and wants to recruit and retain. In today’s recruiting landscape, simply posting ads on the job boards and hoping people apply is no longer sustainable – and it won’t be an effective way for showcasing the employer brand.

To address the challenges of recruitment today, and stand out as an employer of choice in the crowded hiring landscape, companies must be able to hone their employer brands to drive influence, rather than just throwing information out there and hoping it sticks with the right people. A study by Corporate Executive Board found that 80 percent of applicants’ decisions to apply to a job is informed by sources outside of the organization.

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Employers today must be able to identify and target active and passive candidates, while promoting and differentiating their organizations. This requires HR to act like marketers, delivering compelling and engaging content that will attract today’s best candidates. However, success is dependent upon having the right total talent acquisition technology and strategy in place. Consider how the right solution provider can transform your processes, facilitate a marketing-centric approach to recruitment and enable you to project your employer brand to right-fit talent.

  1. Embrace video to connect with today’s job seekers: Studies show after watching a video, 64 percent of users are more likely to buy a product online – and the same holds true for candidates. With a robust total talent acquisition platform that facilitates the use of video in job descriptions, candidate cover letters, interviews and onboarding processes, you can create a more compelling experience for candidates while conveying the company’s brand much better.
  2. Reach candidates wherever they are: Consistent delivery of informative and accessible content is key to engaging candidates, and in today’s world, that means recruiting content must be mobile-optimized. With the right technology platform in place, it will be easier to share such information about company performance, news coverage, product developments and more in real time and across all recruitment channels.
  3. Leverage the full power of social media: To truly engage with candidates wherever they are, employers must look beyond just LinkedIn and capitalize on all social media sites. At the same time, the right solution should enable them to enhance the social strategy beyond just the social networks, facilitating collaborative communication among candidates, internal employees, hiring managers and recruiters. Through personalized dialogue among all parties, employers will have a clear differentiator in attracting talent.

To learn more about branding to influence and recruiting the ultra-informed in a mobile, social and connected world, join me for an informative PeopleFluent webinar on Wednesday, March 25, from 2-3 pm ET with very special guest is Meghan M. Biro, Founder and CEO of TalentCulture.

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