Is Communication Important For Employee Productivity? (Infographic)

When we talk about business communication, we want to achieve the following three results:

No. 1: Improving liaisons with your customers. When you communicate well within your organization, there are higher chances that you project yourself well to your customers, listen to their problems well and provide them with an apt solution.

No. 2: Educating all employees about your goals. The time you are well versed with what you need to do, it’s time that you share your work and discuss it with other people in your organization. This will provide you with a clear picture about their thought processes and you might just get rich insights from them.

No. 3: Growth. The first two results serve organizational goals. And when you know your customers well and have complete knowledge about your employees’ mindset, that is when you grow.

Here’s an infographic that provides more detail:

What communication should mean

About the Author: Arundhuti Roy is a professional business blogger and is working as a content marketer @ MyOperator.

photo credit: A Meeting Apart: leaders from An Event Apart, A Book Apart, and A List Apart meet to plan the future via photopin (license)

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