IT Hiring Trends: Predictions For The Year Ahead

The tech industry is ever changing, and if you don’t get with the times, you’ll be lost in the conundrum of today’s competitive world. So whether you’re looking for a job or hiring, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of top hiring trends that are transforming the hiring process of IT companies around the globe.

Well, to start off, we know that the IT sector has no shortage of jobs. In fact, a recent survey done by has shown that for the first six months of this year, hiring will be at an all-time high. Around 72% of US-based IT companies are expanding to about 10%. This beats last year’s survey by a mile.

Employees: Here To Stay

Considering that more full-time employees will be coming into the IT industry, making employees content with their jobs would be very important. In the recent past, IT companies did not have to worry about employee engagement, as they mainly worked with consultants and freelancers. With the improvement of the economy, there is an inflow of jobs, putting the spotlight on employee satisfaction.

Employers are planning to introduce several more activities like team building exercises, hackathons and even days out to keep their employees engaged. Hikes in salaries, promotions and job benefits would prevent ‘job hopping’, which is pretty common these days. Companies will also want to improve the employer-employee relationship and create more trust to retain employees at work.

After Hiring Talent – Training For Gain

Young talent today want to know that they’re contributing to the company’s growth. That is why several companies are planning to introduce interactive programs that encourage active participation in the organization’s working. These programs will train members of staff in skills relevant in today’s industry. This training may include several, workshops, conferences and have a number of initiatives such as ‘Corporate Universities’.  Building these skills will make them more efficient and help with team-leading, subject expertise and overall confidence. Companies hope that this will increase the employees’ trust, and they will be willing to go the extra mile. These programs will not only be conducted by IT giants, but by small-scale start-ups as well.

Social Media: #1 Choice

Hiring with Social media is not really new – young professionals and recruiters have both preferred to use social media sites like Linkedin to find new talent.  According to Jobvite’s survey on social hiring, about 92% of recruiters use or plan to use social media, and the number will grow this year. Companies are updating their social media brand to be fresh and attractive to younger candidates, and this trend will most likely continue. Companies can sell their vision, goals and workplace culture to potential candidates, who are like-minded and more tech savvy. Recruiters will also have a better idea about prospective candidates’ interests through social media.

Cloud Skills Requirements: Sky High

The demand for workers who are well equipped with cloud skills has risen in the last few years.  A study was done by Microsoft and IDC revealed that 1.7 million cloud-related jobs are available, many of which have remained unfilled since 2012. The good news is that the supply is finally catching up with the demand. Candidates with cloud certification will be paid with a 2.2% increase in salary – that’s 1% more than last year. This fad will most definitely continue all through this year.

Experience Still Matters

The team at have discovered through their survey that IT companies prefer candidates with prior work experience. Around 76% of hiring companies will look for experience in between 6 to 10 years; while others will offer jobs to candidates with over 10 years of experience. Also, certified IT skills will be in high demand this year. The market value for certified candidates have gone up as well, so a little more studying may do wonders for your career.

More Money, Less Tears

Recruiters find that in the last six months, a lot more candidates have grown comfortable with their marketability and ask for higher salaries.  64% of recruiters vouched for this, which is an increase of 3-4 percent from the last mid-year survey. It looks like recruiters are willing to pay more than last year. 10% of recruiters said that they would most likely layoff a few employees in the first six months of 2015. This is less than last year, which looks more promising for IT professionals.

2015 looks like a promising year for the IT industry, from the perspective of both recruiters and job-seekers. It just might be one of the better years the IT sector will have, and that’s definitely be something to look forward to.



Author – Rakesh Singh

As Head of Marketing at Aditi Staffing, Rakesh is responsible for organizational brand outlook. Rakesh, very strongly believes in the golden circle of why, how and what and supports Aditi Staffing’s success by connecting the brand with candidates, clients and the recruitment engineers in the same manner. With over 10 years of experience in various sales and marketing roles including an entrepreneurship attempt in the Digital Display Advertising world, he brings a comprehensive approach to Aditi Staffing’s brand management in the global recruitment market.

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