Email Screenshot

Leaders Communicate THIS Way

I’ve written before around my frustration with people (prematurely) proclaiming things are dead and email it seems is the most common victim of this technology bashing. Why in the world are there so many marketers and leaders ready to say “down” with email?

There are a few reasons:


So many people are overwhelmed with the size of their inbox, they can’t even see straight. In fact, an entire lexicon has built up around the corporate email swamp. Heard the terms “inbox zero” or “autoresponder” or “canned response”? These are all responses to the vast amount of email that people send and receive every day. Every day a new solution is proposed. Try this.


Social has become an acceptable way to communicate in virtually any situation. Formerly mocked as a Gen Y only method of getting information back and forth, I regularly find myself communicating via Facebook message, Snapchat, Skype and Twitter DM with analysts, CEOs and even HR professionals. Can’t social just replace email? Well, Facebook tried that.


Why haven’t tools like Hall, Yammer and other social internal collaboration tools eliminated email? If email is the scourge of the planet as posts like this claim it to be, then why aren’t people ready to give it up? This post claims it can cut down on email but not all of it.

Because EMAIL works.



How do you manage email in your workday? Do you think email is dead? Do products like Yammer, Slack and Basecamp make email less a part of your life? More? Let us know in the comments!