Lose Job? Keep Career! #TChat Preview

The official word, that there’s economic uncertainty, is so 2012. We’re all cheerful and happy the economy produced 155,000 jobs last month (not completely, but we’re trying for some enthusiasm here).

So have we turned the corner? Can we all relax and think about careers instead of jobs? Well, perhaps the answer is a guarded yes. And besides, it’s always time to move beyond hanging on to your job — time to begin with active career management.

More than anything else, active career management is what helps you to stay employed, wherever your career  takes you. While job creation numbers might be less than auspicious, it’s time, yes, for employees, leaders and HR pros to get back in the game. Take control. Manage your life, your career and your future prospects. No one else will — but they’ll certainly manage to find someone else, who does.

This week’s #TChat World of Work and #TChat Radio are all about career management — what, how, when, where, how and why. We’re going where we haven’t in a year or two — to take a look at what it takes to actively manage a career, with stops along the way to look at barriers and challenges, and at how the topic has changed.

Here are this week’s questions:

Q1: What are the biggest career management challenges for professionals today and why?

Q2: What are the top three activities job seekers should focus on this year and why?

Q3: What are the hot professions today, and what are employers looking for in every employee?

Q4: Will the online profile eventually be the demise of the resume? Why or why not?

Q5: What are the best technologies job seekers should be using in their search and why?

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Join us Wednesday night, Jan. 9, from 7-8 pm ET (6-7pm CT, 5-6pm MT, 4-5pm PT, or wherever you are) for a #TChat where we’ll talk about getting back to being in control of our careers. Mark Babbitt (@YouTernMark), CEO and founder of YouTern, will be our moderator, backed by yours truly (@MeghanMBiro) and Kevin W. Grossman (@KevinWGrossman).

And, on Tuesday, Jan. 8, at 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT, Mark will join two other guests for #TChat RadioKeppie Careers Founder Miriam Salpeter (@Keppie_Careers) and Andy Osburn (@Equals6Cares), CEO of Equals6.com. Tweet and chat with us!

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