Personal Leadership: Bankruptcy can never be an option

If trust is the currency of influence and sound leadership, then why are my peers filing chapter 13 when crises occur?  Or for that matter, even in the absence of crises?

I’m talking about our everyday leaders and mentors, those folks who are in “trust” positions who are supposed to be protect us, advise us and keep us from going astray.

But don’t.

Take the regulatory offices in the U.S. A few years ago, employees of the Minerals Management Service “used cocaine and marijuana, and had sexual relations with oil and gas company representatives,” according to a government report.

Then an oilrig platform in the Gulf of Mexico exploded.

According to a recent NPR Plant Money podcast:

Economists have been writing for decades about “regulatory capture” — the idea that regulators are “captured” by the industry they’re supposed to be watching over, and wind up serving industry’s interests.

So who’s regulating the regulators?

Who’s regulating ourselves?


Is this yet another greed-is-good-and-ignore-the-rest credit default swap?

Generation after generation after generation: the subprime mortgage crisis — the S&L crisis — the Nummi Plant in the late 70’s — grifting of all flavors, shapes and sizes, personal and professional — same self-serving abominations, different decades.

Regulating ebbs and flows. Laws that come and go.

Yet, we’re not collectively teaching personal leadership to each other, our children or our children’s children. At least not to the point of breaking the cycle of recreant behavior.

We bend, we fail and some of us break. I certainly have. Unfortunately some of the broken pieces, and broken people, can’t be fixed.

I’m not suggesting we charge our governments or each other to over-regulate and cripple our ability to conduct business and get our economy back on track.

But we can’t let the leadership gap bankrupt our companies and our livelihoods.  We’ve got to be feeling leaders who responsibly lead with love.

Bottom line — if enough of us build up a personal savings of:

And teach our children to do the same while influencing others via mentorship and leadership, then bankruptcy can never be an option.

Take the lead.  And take it personally.

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