Researching About Companies and Jobs in India

Preparation is the key to a successful interview. The most important parts of the preparation process is understanding the basics about the company and the job profile. All recruiters will expect you to know and understand this information. For this reason, it’s important to spend the time to research the company and the job for which you’re applying.

Research will not only better prepare you for your interview, but help you decide whether or not you would be a good fit for the company. If it turns out that you’re not a good fit, you can avoid wasting your and the recruiter’s time. Here are some tips on how to research companies and jobs in India.

Check the Company’s Website

Before you look anywhere else, check the company’s website to find information about its environment, work culture, management, work hours and other important details. The company’s website is the best source for reliable information about the organization.

You may also find that the company website provides information about the role you are applying for and its responsibilities.

Use Professional Associations

If you belong to a professional association, you may be able to take advantage of your membership to learn more about the company you’re applying to. Check out the association’s website to see if you can find information about the company. If the company is in the same industry that the association is in, you may also be able to meet people who work there and learn more detailed information about the organization.

Research Corporate Blogs

Corporate blogs are very popular, so there is a good chance that the company you’re applying to will have its own blog site. Blogs often have more information pertaining to work culture, employee opinions and the latest happenings going on in the workplace. If the company does have a blog, you can gain a lot of insight into what it would be like to work for the organization, and what you can expect if you’re hired.

Talk to Potential Coworkers

One of the simplest ways to research a company is to talk to current employees. Employees know firsthand what the management is like, how the culture is, and what the company may be currently working on. The information that current employees can provide you with this invaluable information, and can be used to further improve your chances of success during the interview.

Read Discussion Boards

Finally, you want to read through professional discussion boards online to see if you can find out more information about the organization. Some threads may contain information about the company, or the job profile that you are applying for. You may also consider starting your own thread and asking others to provide their opinions. You may be lucky enough to get an answer from someone who works for the company.

Researching a company takes time, but it’s important to understand the organization’s work culture, current projects, management, and other important details before the interview takes place. If you show up to the interview knowing nothing about the company, you will likely be turned away for the job because recruiters may assume that you aren’t truly interested in or serious about the position.