Signs You Should Tear Up That Job Offer

When you have been slogging away for weeks and you finally get to hold that offer letter, it’s an invincible feeling. You might feel like you achieved the impossible, and the euphoria of your win may your thinking abilities.

Hold on – now is the time to pause and comprehend how much this job really means to you. Is it as good as it appears to be, or are there skeletons in the closet, waiting to ambush you?

After an exhausting job search, the idea of declining an offer may be horrifying, but needs to be visited. Here are a few ways to help you analyse whether letting go of the job would be better than taking it up.

Is It Worth The Wait?

You wait for your exams to be done, you wait for your scores, and finally, you wait for a recruiter to contact you after the initial application. If waiting is all you they’re making you do, the company may not be the most professional. Not only is sparse communication disrespectful, it’s just bad manners. If you don’t get the required answers for some basic questions, then it’s definitely time to pack your bags, and search anew.

First Impressions – Not the Best

While you may have strived hard to create a perfect first impression, it is possible that the organization you’ve applied to didn’t put in the same effort. If you do not get positive vibes from your first encounter, then you should do a thorough scan of the organisation and assess whether you will be a good fit.

Expectations Vs Reality

Is there a mismatch in the job you applied for and the position you’ve been offered? Don’t fret. This is a very good opportunity to rate your new employers. If your offer is significantly better, then you’d obviously go for the kill. But if it’s not even remotely connected to what you wish to do, your answer is clear, scoot!

The Dead End Syndrome

Sometimes, getting a job is all that matters. You need to pay your rent, food, and basic utilities. So, if you land a job that pays sufficiently well, but doesn’t add to your skillset, then you need to examine your priorities. Bad jobs are like a downward spiral of disaster. It’s better to run from them before you get trapped.

Money Vs Morals

If you have a job that doesn’t make you feel proud of what you do, then perhaps you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Working for a brand that goes against your ethics is a controversial place to be in. In times of moral clashes, it helps if you stay true to your heart.

This is exceptionally tough when you’re under financial strain, but you must keep trying for the best opportunities that suits your qualification and temperament. Settling for something that’s lesser than your calibre only drives you to dissatisfaction.

Get Your Due

Whether you work to live, or live to work, you can’t ignore the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you’re presented with work that doesn’t help you make ends meet, then it’s definitely a big NO. Hold on and wait for something better.

Getting a job offer is only the first step in deciding whether the job is apt for you. Your talents and skills are worth way more than you give credit to, so continue your search for that rewarding job.

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