TC Digest: Social Media Policies, Talent Community Definitions and True SaaS

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We’ve been wondering how it would all shake out folks and well, we’re still wondering, but at least the issue has come to a head. Who will own the big ol’ Twitter account? In one corner, mobile phone news site PhoneDog, big bad capitalist company who’s doin’ it wrong? And in the other corner, ex-worker Noah Kravitz who amassed over 17,000 followers the aforementioned company is valuing at $2.50 each. Check out the Workforce Weekly breakdown. Bottom line? The results of this case will make waves and set a huge precedent in social media work.

Over 27 million Americans work part-time according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Now there’s an association to help both those who work part-time and their employers gain access to more resources. Via

Remember that super cool video that was making the rounds in everyone’s presentations a few years ago? Well there’s an updated version for 2011 and it’s even more mind-blowing. No social is not the silver bullet, but it is growing…and how.

The World Of Social Media

Mobile in HR? Yep, it’s happening and there are just a few taking a big picture look. Read Jessica Miller-Merrell’s take on 4 Mobile HR and Recruiting Practices.

The Global Talent Index is live and it’s chock-full of important information. Select a country, 2011 or 2015 and an indicator to see anticipated changes, across the world, or across a region. (You may want to do this over lunch, it’s easy to get sucked in.)

McKinsey comes out on top in the Vault Europe Consultancies (press release)

Naomi Bloom, one of the most respected writers in the space takes fake SaaS to task in “There’s SaaS and Then There’s True SaaS”

At&T’s Carrie Corbin looks at Social Recruiting on Facebook. Her take is simple, direct and speaks to a lot of HR Pros.

Marvin Smith quotes our very own Kevin Grossman in furthering the discussion around Talent Communities. Shockingly, none of us have come to a complete and absolute definition of this term. Which is fine, it’s taken the heat of social recruiting for a beat or two.

Need some solid help getting started on that social media policy? HR Analyst Kyle Lagunas offers some great insights over at Software Advice.

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