#TChat Preview: Anniversary Show And Employee-Employer Relationship

The TalentCulture #TChat Show will take a break for Thanksgiving, but will be back live on Wednesday, December 3, 2014, from 7-8 pm ET (4-5 pm PT). The #TChat radio portion runs the first 30 minutes from 7-7:30 pm ET, followed by the #TChat Twitter chat from 7:30-8 pm ET.

Last week we talked about the challenges of enabling a talent management strategy with technology, and in our next show we’re going to talk about the future of the employee-employer relationship — and celebrate the TalentCulture #TChat Show’s 4-year anniversary!

We keep talking incessantly about how bad the relationship is between employees and employers. Yes, we get it. It’s bad.

But even with the limited solutions that are offered today in the world of work, none has been actionable enough; we just keep playing misery shuffleboard.

Our guests for the upcoming show argue that the key driver of organizational sustainability is the strength of the social contract that develops between an employer and its employees. And the fact that companies can and should recruit, manage, and retain entrepreneurial employees who will make them adaptive and innovative.

Oh, and did we say it’s the TalentCulture #TChat Show’s 4-year anniversary? We did? Well, if you’re tc-ipaper-blog2-700x325interested in learning more and taking a bit of a trip down memory lane, check out our cool new anniversary iPaper.

As for our upcoming show, join TalentCulture #TChat Show co-creators and hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as we learn about the future of the employee-employer relationship with our guests: Marla Gottschalk, Ph.D., Industrial & Organizational Psychologist and Director of Thought Leadership at Kilberry Leadership Advisors; and Chip Joyce, CEO and Co-founder of Allied Talent.

Special Offer:

Allied Talent is making the Executive Summary of The Alliance, which is not publicly available, to our audience. The Alliance, a book by Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh, is about the loyalty pact between employer and employee. Download the Executive Summary here.

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We hope you’ll join the #TChat conversation this week and share your questions, opinions and ideas with our guest and the TalentCulture Community.

#TChat Events: The #TChat Anniversary Show — Enabling The Employee-Employer Social Contract

TChatRadio_logo_020813#TChat Radio — Wed, December 3rd — 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT Tune in to the #TChat Radio show with our hosts, Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman, as they talk with our guests: Marla Gottschalk and Chip Joyce, CEO and Co-founder of Allied Talent.

Tune in LIVE online Wednesday, December 3rd!

#TChat Twitter Chat — Wed, December 3rd — 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT Immediately following the radio show, Meghan, Kevin, Marla and Chip will move to the #TChat Twitter stream, where we’ll continue the discussion with the entire TalentCulture community. Everyone with a Twitter account is invited to participate, as we gather for a dynamic live chat, focused on these related questions:

Q1: What are the pressing issues with the employee-employer relationship today? #TChat (Tweet this Question)

Q2: What should a social contract between employee and employer look like? #TChat (Tweet this Question)

Q3: Happy Anniversary, #TChat Community! What topics would you like us to cover in 2015? #TChat (Tweet this Question)

Until the show, we’ll keep the discussion going on the #TChat Twitter feed, our TalentCulture World of Work Community LinkedIn group, and in our new TalentCulture G+ community. So feel free to drop by anytime and share your questions, ideas and opinions. See you there!!

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