#TChat Preview: Passive Recruiting With Conversation-Based Content

The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, from 7-8 pm ET (4-5 pm PT). The #TChat radio portion runs the first 30 minutes from 7-7:30 pm ET, followed by the #TChat Twitter chat from 7:30-8 pm ET.

Last week we talked about about workplace bullying, and this week we’re going to talk about passive recruiting strategies.

Converting job seekers into job applicants via relevant career content is easy when they’re looking for a job. But what about those who aren’t?

The elusive passive candidate — that’s where you have to be smarter and engage them in conversations around relevant career content, but not literally job-specific content, at least not all at once.

According to this week’s guest, after a 90-day case study on social media content, conversation-based content increased response rates by 54%.

We should teach recruiters and sourcers how to engage prospects in real conversations. Whether it’s on a forum, user group, blog, simple email or any social network, the conversation should always be the goal.

How do you get the passive ones to start a conversation with you? Strike up a conversation as you would face to face. Talk to them about things they care about first.

Recruiters should always know their market and their talent. Recruiting is only human and all about relationships. Always.

Join #TChat co-creators and hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as we learn more about passive recruiting with this week’s guest: Bryan Chaney, a Global Talent Sourcing and Attraction Strategist and Sourcing Executive at IBM.

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#TChat Twitter Chat — Wed, August 6 — 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT Immediately following the radio show, Meghan, Kevin and our guests will move to the #TChat Twitter stream, where we’ll continue the discussion with the entire TalentCulture community. Everyone with a Twitter account is invited to participate, as we gather for a dynamic live chat, focused on these related questions:

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Q2: How should recruiters and sourcers initiate conversation-based content? #TChat (Tweet this Question)

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