#TChat Recap: #DiceInnovate Relationships Win In Tech Recruiting

The competition for top tech talent is as fierce as ever, and the talent knows it.

According to Dice’s recent Tech Candidate Sentiment Survey, at least 50% of candidate respondents said they wish recruiters would do more research before calling, but this is significantly down from 2013.

Recruiters need to aim with accuracy to successfully source candidates with in-demand STEM skills. Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud are essential tools for authentic relationship-building and tech talent engagement.

This week’s #TChat guests Ashley Fox, Program Associate at Partnership for Public Service; and Pete Radloff, Lead Technical Recruiter with comScore, shared how the right online research tools and continuous relationship-building help talent acquisition teams win in tech recruiting.

Recruiters and hiring managers are challenged by bad practices, new technology adaptation, and a “we’ve always done it this way” mindset. We fear change.

Companies who continue to post-and-pray will pay with their pockets. Leaders who prioritize relationships will win. The “Best Employer” companies are led by CEOs who embrace people practices as a profit-generating strategy.

Relationships are “time-consuming” but the ROI will amaze you. It’s all about what Ted Rubin calls “Return on Relationship”: the value a company or brand gains by nurturing relationships.

You have to be human in this culture to create and maintain a healthy talent pipeline. Engage with your talent from all angles.

Ashley and Pete reminded our community about the 3 R’s of recruiting: relationships, research, and retry.

Let’s win in tech recruiting by embracing the 3 R’s with a constant effort, on all fronts, with a human face.

See What The #TChat Community Said About Research & Relationship-Building In Tech Recruiting:


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