#TChat Recap: How Employee Engagement Empowers The Employer Brand

This week Stacy Zapar, Founder of Tenfold, and recruiting strategist, trainer & advisor joined us to discuss how employee engagement empowers the employer brand. I always love her energy and passion for this topic.

Spending ridiculous amounts of money to source sought-after skill sets and recruit top talent won’t get you very far when your employer brand has hit the skids. Meaning, if your current employees aren’t usually happy, even jazzed about working for your company, then that poison seeps into the groundwater and taints the wells around for miles and miles.

This is why, Stacy explained, you must step up your branding game and empower your own employees to evangelize your company culture in an authentic, transparent way. Energizing your employee base to truly engage, tell their stories, share their experiences and engage with potential employees is what empowers the brand.

A long time friend of this community, Stacy also discussed how recruiters, human resources and talent professionals can maintain excellent relations with candidates – both successful applicants and those who don’t get the job. Through taking the time to help candidates with their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, Stacy explained, recruiters can maintain and build important networks and create lots of extra good will.

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